Yaara Ve: Director Of ‘Rang Panjab’ Returns With Another Intense Film On Partition

by Monita Sharma

If there’s one period in Indian history which cannot be forgotten regardless of the number of years passed since, then it has to be the phase leading to India-Pakistan partition in 1947! Weaving the emotions of people during that era, the friendships that thrived in the lanes of villages in ancient Punjab (when there was only One Punjab), and how the aftermaths of partition impacted such beautiful relationships, YAARA VE – Rakesh Mehta’s next, is all set to release on April 19. 

Rakesh Mehta, who’s been behind critically-acclaimed films like Wapsi (2016) and recently Rang Panjab (2018) starring Deep Sidhu in the lead, is helming the project while this film is being bankrolled by Bally Singh Kakar and co-produced by Freshly Ground Entertainment.

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Written by Rupinder Inderjit, Yaara Ve shall star Gagan Kokri, Yuvraj Hans and Raghveer as the three male leads and Monica Gill shall essay the role of the female lead. The story written by Rupinder Inderjit, is based on the friendship between three friends – Buta, Kishan and Nizamat urr Neza, and how life takes a beautiful turn when a girl named, Naseebo enters in Buta’s life. In the middle of the celebration night however, the news of partition breaks in and Hindus and Sikhs are left with no choice than to leave their village in Lahore and move to Amritsar. 

“This sudden twist in their lives results in a lot of complications. In the middle of this religious chaos, will the true friends remain true to their friendship? That’s what ‘Yaara Ve’ is all about,” says director Rakesh Mehta. He further adds, “It’s during my childhood that I heard so many tales of partition from my grandparents. Some of those stories remain stored in my subconscious forever; those stories form the bases of Yaara Ve’s plot.”

Check out the poster of Yaara Ve below:


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