Ucha Pind: Bollywood film editor Hardik Singh Shares His Journey

by Monita Sharma

Impeccable action, unique storyline, top-rated actors, and slick editing — Punjabi movie Ucha Pind’s anazing trailer has so far raised hopes and expectations of Punjabi audience by heaps and pounds.

Besides the talented actors, music and writing, Ucha Pind – releasing on 3rd September – is also being eagerly awaited for Hardik Singh’s impeccable film editing skills.

Hardik, who has worked in over 90 films and trailers both nationally and internationally, has lent his deftness and finesse to the movie Ucha Pind, which stars Navdeep Kaler and Poonam Sood in lead roles. The film is directed by Harjit Ricky and produced by Hardeep Singh Dimpy Dhillon and Sunny Dhillon.

Having worked across different genres and languages including Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujrati, Assamese and even German, Hardik is known for his works like Shortcut Romeo, Raktabeez, Password, LoveUturn and many more.

He is currently working on two Hindi projects: Once Upon Two Times and Shubh Nikaah. Alongside, he’s working on Dr Palash Sen’s music album, Euphoria and for Rakhee Sawant and Adhyan Suman as well, while a few Punjabi films and Hindi webseries are in the pipeline.

Hardik, who regards Bunty Nahi as his role model and Guru, has also won the Best Editor award for a Kashmiri film and was even nominated in PTC Punjabi film awards. He’s worked earlier in critically acclaimed Punjabi films like Rang Punjab and Nadhoo Khan.
He’s also recently completed a Punjabi movie called Please Kill Me.
Regarding his future plans, Hardik says that he wants to work so hard and leave an indelible mark in the film industry, so that one day his work is recognized all over the world.

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