Sukh Sarpanch ‘Warns’ Singga On His Latest Release ‘SHO’: Gives A Befitting Reply

by Monita Sharma

It’s not uncommon to see rival rappers and singers locking their horns with each other through their ‘Songs’ which serve as the perfect rebuttals. The latest to join the bandwagon is talented singer, Sukh Sarpanch, who has lashed out at popular singer ‘Singga’ for making light of Punjab police personnel in his song ‘SHO’. 

Titled ‘Warn’ Sukhi Sarpanch gives a befitting reply to Singga with smashing lyrics by Sarpanch himself. The song is a thumping, adrenaline-rushing number with apt music by the Sukh again!

It seems Sukh Sarpanch is irked with Singga’s over-the-top attitude about himself in the song – S.H.O which was released this July. In this song, Singga is indirectly making light of Punjabi police personnel with lyrics implying that Punjab police serves tea to criminals.

Therefore Sukh Sarpanch has come up with his “Reply” to Singga’s S.H.O saying that Punjab Police is in fact, honest, brave and treats a criminal as a criminal with no preferential treatment given to anyone. On the other hand, regardless of who the criminal is, police doesn’t shy away from giving a good ‘lathi-charge’! 

The lyrics of the song are praise Punjab Police and indeed, during lockdown/curfew times in Punjab due to Covid-19, it has been seen how diligently the police worked to ensure that the citizens abide by the ruling of the government. 

On a lighter note, Sukh Sarpanch’s song has that chutzpah and ‘masala’ to make it an instant chartbuster. Music, lyrics and vocals – all combine together to make ‘Warn’ a smashing hit number from the word go! 

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