Sonam Bajwa Shuts Down ‘IPL vs Godday Godday Chaa’ Debate with Perfect Reply on Twitter”

by Monita Sharma

Social media was abuzz as Sonam Bajwa, one of the most popular actresses in Punjabi cinema, shared the trailer of her upcoming movie “Godday Godday Chaa”. While most of her fans were in awe of the trailer, a Twitter user raised a concern that who would watch the movie when the IPL is going on.

Sonam Bajwa, known for her quick wit and sass, replied in Punjabi, “Haan jehde cinema nu te mainu pyaar karde aa oh zaroor dekhange. Tussi na vekheyo…” which roughly translates to “Those who love Punjabi cinema and me will surely watch it, you don’t watch.”

Directed by national award-winning filmmaker Vijay Kumar Arora and produced by Zee Studios in association with V.H Entertainment, “Godday Godday Chaa” is all set to release on 19th May. Along with Sonam Bajwa, the movie also stars superstar Tania, with whom Sonam had previously appeared in the 2019 hit movie, “Guddiyan Patole”. The male leads are played by Gitaz Bindrakhia and Gurjazz, while veteran actress Nirmal Rishi plays a significant role in the movie.

Watch the trailer

Despite the derogatory comment from the Twitter user, fans of Sonam Bajwa and Punjabi cinema are eagerly awaiting the release of “Godday Godday Chaa” and are looking forward to seeing the talented actress in action once again.

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