Sonam Bajwa – A Trailblazer and a ‘Hero’ of Punjabi Cinema In Her Own Right

by Monita Sharma

Sonam Bajwa is redefining what it means to be a leading lady in Punjabi cinema. With a career marked by bold choices and a knack for stealing the spotlight, she’s proving that women can carry films on their shoulders and emerge as the true heroes of the story.

Take her latest project, Kudi Haryane Val Di. The teaser alone has fans buzzing. Sonam, known for her flawless Punjabi accent, has taken a daring leap to play a Haryanvi Jaatni. And guess what? She nails it. Her Haryanvi dialect, despite her having no ties to Haryana, is being praised left, right, and center. The film, set to release on June 14th, pairs her with the superstar Ammy Virk, but Sonam is definitely stealing the show.

Sonam has a history of stepping out of her comfort zone and delivering stellar performances. Remember Guddiyan Patole? She wowed us as an NRI tomboy, carrying the film on her shoulders. Her role was not just memorable; it was a blockbuster.

Then came 2019’s Adab Mutiyaran, where she transformed into Babbu Bains, a feisty, tomboyish fighter with an impeccable Amritsari accent. Her performance was so powerful that she overshadowed her male co-stars, cementing her status as a powerhouse actress who can beat the boys at their own game.

In Jind Mahi (2022), Sonam took on the role of an innocent village girl struggling with English. Once again, she was the heart and soul of the film, delivering a performance that had audiences rooting for her from start to finish. Her portrayal was so convincing, it was hard to believe she’s the same actress who played the tough-as-nails Babbu Bains.

Last year, she gave us yet another gem with Godday Godday Chaa. Playing a desi village Punjabi woman, Sonam brought her comic timing to the forefront, delivering laughs and unforgettable moments. Her Bhangra performance in the film was a standout, etching her role into the hearts of her fans.

Now, with Kudi Haryane Val Di Sonam is ready to push boundaries once more. Sonam’s transformation for the role is nothing short of spectacular. Her chemistry with Ammy Virk is sure to be a highlight, but it’s her dedication to mastering the Haryanvi accent that’s turning heads.

Sonam Bajwa isn’t just a star; she’s a trailblazer. In an industry where female-led films are rare, she’s making a statement with every role. Her ability to switch from a tomboy to a village girl, from speaking chaste Punjabi to perfecting Haryanvi, showcases her incredible range and commitment.

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