Sargun Mehta’s Bold Confession Before Her Film – Kala Shah Kala

by Monita Sharma

Kala Shah Kala, starring Binnu Dhillon, Sargun Mehta and Jordan Sandhu in pivotal roles is all set to release on this Valentine’s Day (14th Feb). While the film promises loads of laughter with elements of romance sprinkled over it, this film carries an important social message too. 

Kala Shah Kala is based on a guy who’s socially considered not really upto the mark, as far as his looks are concerned. With our society obsessed with fair skin, this guy (Lovely, played by Binnu Dhillon) has quite a dark complexion (hence the name of the film – Kala Shah Kala), because of which women don’t find him attractive and everyone keeps ridiculing him. This is the reason that he suffers from low confidence. 

When we asked Sargun Mehta in our interview with her whether she faced any such issue in her life, which was beyond her control and people ridiculed her for. She said boldly that though the particular issue didn’t affect her confidence in herself, yet she became a point of ridicule for many. She said, that due to her habit of speaking at a loud pitch, her vocal chords had got disturbed and her voice became very husky and man-like. 

“Doctors even suggested me surgery and my Mom did her level best to prevent me from speaking too loud. It is only after I joined theatre and did a variety of vocal exercises that my voice became somewhat normal,” she says while smiling all the way. 

Well, Sargun we’re glad that you worked hard on your unique voice and accepted it wholeheartedly. Today, your unique voice has become one of the reasons for your massive fan following besides of course, your gorgeous looks and acting talent. 

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