Laiye Je Yaarian: Is Amrinder Gill Right In Clashing With Salman Khan on 5th June?

by Monita Sharma

With only three days to go for the release of Laiye Je Yaarian, the buzz in the town is all about Amrinder Gill’s decision to release his upcoming Punjabi film, Laiye Je Yaarian on 5th June, exactly the day when Bollywood’s megastar Salman Khan releases his much-anticipated Hindi film – Bharat. 

(Both Amrinder Gill’s “Laiye Je Yaarian” and Salman Khan’s “Bharat” release on 5th June in India)

While on one side, even the likes of Karan Johar think twice before clashing head on with ‘Sallu Mia’, here’s our very own superstar Amrinder Gill who’s showing extreme courage in releasing his film ‘Laiye Je Yaarian’ (under Rhythm Boyz Entertainment) with Bharat, in a move that’s being perceived by industry people as a “super-bold risk”. 

In a day and age of competition by numbers and box-office earnings, it goes without saying that the concept of two films releasing on the same day creates frenzy in any film industry be it Bollywood or Hollywood. So, thinks that Amrinder Gill is truly showing the mettle of Punjabis by not fearing about Box-office results and keeping immense faith in his own product and the loyal fan base that he enjoys across the globe. 

On contacting the makers of Laiye Je Yaarian, the producer of the film told us that even their last venture ‘Ashke’ was released not keeping in mind the trends or what works and what doesn’t work at the “box office”. Its trailer was released just a day before the release of the film. But the unique promotional strategy coupled with crazy Amrinder Gill following had no adverse on the success of the film and Ashke is still one of the most loved Punjabi films that proved to be successful at Box-office too, not just in Punjab but the world-over. 

[h4]Here one may note that Laiye Je Yaarian releaes on 5th June in India but for the rest of the world, the film is releasing on 7th June Only. [/h4]

Another fact that may work in Laiye Je Yaarian’s favour is that the film’s trailer and songs are receiving massive support allover already. The recently released song “Mathi Mathi” featuring all the four lead actors from the film, Amrinder Gill, Harish Verma, Roopi Gill and Rubina Bajwa, has become a rage on the internet already. With a catchy music by Dr Zeus, the song is sung by Amrinder Gill only. 

Laiye Je Yaarian is directed by Sukh Sanghera and written by ace screenwriter, Dheeraj Rattan. The trailer showcases all the four actors as modern, career-oriented individuals and the film revolves around urban love, friendship and revenge drama with a lot of twists and turns. 

[h4]Enjoy the trailer below:[/h4]


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