New Punjabi Song ‘Mere Yaar’ By Gurnazar Chattha Faces Censorship Trouble

by Monita Sharma

While fans were eagerly awaiting Gurnazar Chattha’s song ‘Mere Yaar’ yesterday, instead of the song, the singer shared that ‘Mere Yaar’ has landed into Censorship problem.

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A few days ago, popular Punjabi singer Gurnazar Chattha had announced that he would be releasing his upcoming Punjabi song ‘Mere Yaar’ on 9th Deceber at 5 PM. However, the fans were left waiting for the same as the singer later shared on his social media post that he couldn’t release the song as ‘Mere Yaar’ didn’t receive a green signal from the censor board.

Gurnazar took down to Instagram to share clips stating that some shots in the song’s video didn’t get approved by the censor, and thus, the video will be edited again.

However, the humble star made an apology to his fans for the inconvenient delay. But the surprising part was that the singer didn’t understand why his song faced such issue. Now we wonder after all what is it in upcoming Punjabi song ‘Mere Yaar’ that the censor board didn’t like.

[h4]Anyways, the good news is that new Upcoming Punjabi Song ‘Mere Yaar’ by Gurnazar Chattha will now release on 12th December. [/h4]


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