Munda Faridkotia: Of Emotions and Love Beyond Boundaries (Review)

by Monita Sharma

[h4]Love – one of the most transforming life experiences that a human being goes through – is often explored deeply in movies across the globe. However, when it comes to Punjabi cinema, the focus of the makers has generally been on comedy and family dramas, with love just sprinkled in between to tie things together.

For a change though, in Munda Faridkotia, the feeling of love has been so beautifully dealt with that one wonders if it’s really a Punjabi movie that we’re watching. [/h4]

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Directed by Mandeep Singh Chahal and produced by Dalmora Films and Monty Sikka, Munda Faridkotia is about a boy named ‘Farid’ played by Roshan Prince, who is desperate NOT to leave Faridkot, his hometown ever, even though he gets a wonderful chance to go to Canada on the pretext of his wedding. He wishes hard to stay in Faridkot, and fortunately or unfortunately, he gets his wish fulfilled albeit in a different country.

The circumstances actually land him in Pakistan’s Faridkot and hence ensue a lot of interesting twists in Farid’s life – from meeting his “love” in the form of Mariyam played by Sharan Kaur, his tryst with feelings of patriotism and a lot more.

Having shown Pakistan in a positive light, focusing entirely on the humane side of the country, the makers have made sure that Munda Faridkotia, shall be loved by Pakistani fans too, if and whenver they get a chance to watch the film.

While on one side the film scores big when it comes to its concept and remarkable performances, the slow pace of the film and non-compliance with logic might put off a few. (For example, viewers might wonder, haven’t the makers made it quite easy to cross Indo-Pak border, which is touted as one of the toughest to cross borders in the world?) 

Besides its slow pace, the film also suffers a bit on lack of development of some scenes and characters wherein one wanted to see more, but isn’t served with that. For instance, the scene where the two male burqa clad characters try to rescue Farid from the goons is abruptly cut without showing any action and struggle.

Also, when Farid realises his love for the country stronger than his love for Mariyam, nothing really is shown to happen in that direction. The scene is soon cut into something very light and forgettable. That was where one feels that something is missing in the screenplay. 

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Nevertheless, when it comes to performances, full marks go to all the actors. Roshan Prince not only looks good but he acts immensely well, owning the scene with his charm everytime he comes on the screen. The actor has genuinely played his part well and deserves great roles ahead.

Sharan Kaur emerges as wonderful new heroine that Punjabi cinema has got. The girl has performed so well that it just doesn’t seem that Munda Faridkotia was her first film. Right from her accent, her lovely looks and expressions, she shines everytime she’s on screen. 

Navpreet Banga is wonderful in her small role too. In one scene, she cries her heart out and the girl looks so natural that one can easily feel the character’s pain. Karamjit Anmol is great in his part and so are the rest of the actors. 

Overall, Munda Faridkotia is truly a ‘hatke’ film for Punjabi cinema that’s used to watching comedies. It’s a film for the heart that loves and knows the pain that comes along with it. 

Iampunjaabi rating: 3/5

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