Moosa Jatt “Sold Out”, Says Renowned Punjabi film producer; Makers Lash Out At Unscrupulous Critic Reviews

by Monita Sharma

Moosa Jatt, a Punjabi film starring noted Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala, released overseas last week while in India, the movie hit the theatres this Friday – 8th October.

According to some members of the Punjabi film fraternity including the producer of Moosa Jatt, Rrupaali Gupta, some people due to their ulterior motives, are spreading negative rumours about the movie’s success overseas, which includes false reporting of theatre turnout as well as unscrupulous critic reviews, which according to Rrupaali Gupta, were written even before the release of the film.

Lamenting the personal attacks made on some of the actors of Moosa Jatt, including their physical characteristics, producer Rrupaali Gupta, in a detailed Facebook post in Punjabi said that “even though it’s everyone’s right to express their opinion about a particular film, but doing so without even watching the film and attacking someone personally is an illustration of an extremely callous behaviour.”

According to reports, Moosa Jatt has done an average business abroad where it was released on October 1. The actual box office figures aren’t known yet.

Here’s her original Facebook Post:

Further noted Bollywood and Punjabi film producer, J.S. Cheema also expressed his resentment against the “propaganda” being carried out against the film especially regarding its Overseas success. Cheema is a National award-winning producer renowned for his film, Chann Pardesee in 1980.

Narrating his personal account, he said, ”

In his Facebook post, he said:

Talking of the film MOOSA JATT. When the film released overseas on 1st October and did not release in India, it was widely circulated on social media by “self styled critics” and “knowledgeable circles” that the film has been rejected by the audiences abroad. Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to go and watch the film in its second week at a theater in Surrey, Canada. To my surprise the show was sold-out and my friends and I had to return disappointed.

Now I can’t figure out if that comment about “rejection by the overseas audience” was an anti propaganda by vested interests or some jealous pots.

For the sceptics who want details here they are: the 4:15pm show at Strawberry Hill Cineplex on 9th October was sold out. Check it out”

Check out his original post on Facebook here:

According to reports, Moosa Jatt has done average business abroad where it was released on October 1. The actual box office figures aren’t known yet.

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