Mansooba: Rana Ranbir Reveals Sneak Peek from the Sets of Upcoming Punjabi Movie

by Monita Sharma

In an exciting development for Punjabi cinema enthusiasts, renowned actor and writer Rana Ranbir recently shared a captivating photo from the sets of his upcoming movie “Mansooba.” The picture showcases Rana Ranbir warmly embracing the talented Sardar Sohi, creating a buzz among fans eager for the film’s release.

“Mansooba” boasts an impressive cast, featuring the highly acclaimed actors Malkeet Rauni and Manjot Dhillon in pivotal roles. Rana Ranbir, not only the writer but also the director of the film, has invested his creative vision to bring this project to life.

Produced by Manjit Singh Mahal, “Mansooba” is a promising venture under the banner of Rana Ranbir Studios. The film will be jointly released by Ansh Productions Inc and Farsight Studio, adding to the anticipation surrounding its arrival.

While further details about the movie’s plot and release date remain undisclosed, Rana Ranbir’s recent photo has ignited the curiosity of fans, who eagerly await more updates from the highly anticipated Punjabi production.

As the Punjabi film industry continues to captivate audiences with its engaging storytelling and talented actors, “Mansooba” holds the potential to become a significant addition to the genre. Fans eagerly anticipate experiencing the magic that Rana Ranbir, Sardar Sohi, Malkeet Rauni, Manjot Dhillon, and the entire team behind the film will undoubtedly bring to the screen.

Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates on “Mansooba” as it progresses towards its release, promising to deliver an enthralling cinematic experience.

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