Laiye Je Yaarian (Review): Welcome To The New Era In Punjabi Cinema! A Winner All The Way

by Monita Sharma

[h4]In a day and age of competition by numbers and box-office earnings, the concept of two films releasing on the same day creates frenzy in not just Pollywood but Bollywood as well. But here we have the team of Rhythm Boyz Entertainment which released their latest Punjabi film – Laiye Je Yaarian along with none other than Salman Khan’s much-awaited film Bharat today.[/h4]

When the makers take such a big risk, it shows that they’re really confident about their product. So whether Sukh Sanghera’s directorial debut, Laiye Je Yaarian falls into the category of films which shall win the heart and mind of public in Punjab or not, read on to find. 

Written by Golak Bugni Bank Te Batua writer, Dheeraj Rattan, LJY takes a detour from the tried and tested family dramas and takes us into the world of business, entrepreneurs, bank loans and MBAs. With the backdrop of Vancouver, Canada, the entire setup becomes chic and modern.

The film’s plot revolves around four main characters – Raunak (Roopi Gill), Sukh (Harish Verma), Jaanu (Rubina Bajwa) and of course, the “baddie” Garry Randhawa (Amrinder Gill). One of the most unique parts of LJY is that besides the lead characters, you won’t find any real known face in the film (barring some pleasant guest appearances like Amberdeep, Ranjit Bawa, Shipra Goyal), thus leaving no scope for extras to support the leads. The film truly stands on the shoulders of the four main actors and the strong storyline, which is a big plus and takes LJY several notches above other films.

[h4]The film’s plot is tight and doesn’t waste time on meaningless comedies or long dialogues. The to-the-point yet witty one-liners suffice and take the movie forward efficiently.[/h4]

Harish Verma, as a Patiala youth desperate to go to the promised land of Canada, plays his part to perfection. Verma’s comic timing, along with his act of a charmer, is one of the strong points of the film. Roopi Gill, as a stubborn business owner, shines in her role. In fact, she’s the central character of the film who holds LJY together with her superb acting skills. More than the dialogues, her eyes do the acting and it won’t be wrong to say that with Laiye Je Yaarian, this pretty actress has got just the kind of role that shall hopefully, bring her a lot of appreciation from the crtics and probably, more offers as the female lead.

While Amrinder Gill makes a smashing entry and lives up his part well as the cunning “Garry Randhawa”, the twist in his character is what really takes the audiences’ hearts away. Rubina Bajwa is the only weak link in the film and doesn’t suit in the role of a “banker”.

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The songs and background score complement the upbeat theme of LJY and there are no unnecessary Bhangra numbers in the film, keeping in mind the taste of this unique flick. “Meri Aakad” by Garry Sandhu featuring Bajwa and Verma remains with you for a long time even after you exit the theatre.

What could be counted in the negatives by some is probably lack of enough Punjabi touch in the form of music or dances or outfits or perhaps, some known character artistes. But for us at, the only negative (if you want to really find so) is the editing, which in some frames appears a bit abrupt. 

Overall, Laiye Je Yaarian marks the beginning of new kind of Punjabi cinema away from the world of usual comedies, Punjabi cultural dramas and period flicks. Though the film has to face a tough competition from “Bharat” at the box-office, yet with a strong word of mouth, LJY will end up scoring big in the coming weeks.

[h4] Rating: 4/5 [/h4]

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