Jora – The Second Chapter Teaser Review: Deep Sidhu’s Baritone And Singga’s Look Impress All

by Monita Sharma

Jora 2 – The Second Chapter, which is one of the most awaited Punjabi movie sequels in 2020, is all set to get released on 6th March 2020. Yesterday its teaser was released on the Youtube channel of Loud Roar Films and here’s our review:

The Release Date of JORA – The Second Chapter is 6th March 2020.


The teaser of Jora 2, which is in continuation of Jora Dus Numbariya (the Original which was hugely admired by critics and masses alike in 2017), starts with a typical Deep-Sidhu-Films’ like dark action with the squealing sounds of car wheels and door bangs in the backdrop.

However, the moment Deep Sidhu speaks a few dialogues in his powerful “deep” voice in chaste Punjabi, one’s bound to get hooked to the teaser and get curious about the film.

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Packed with just the right amount of thrill, Jora – The Second Chapter’s over-one-minute teaser manages to leave an impact on the Punjabi cinema’s ardent fans especially, those fond of true cinema.

Another surprise is a glimpse of Bollywood’s yesteryear hero, Dharmendra! 

Jora 2 also stars Mahie Gill and Japji Khaira in strong roles.

People are so far liking the teaser of Jora 2.

Directed by Amardeep Singh Gill, the film is produced by Bathinde Wale Bai Films, Loud Roar Studios in association with Raj Motion Pictures. 

Watch the Teaser of Jora – The Second Chapter Here:

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Last year Deep Sidhu also impressed us with his outing in Rakesh Mehta’s Rang Panjab – a film about a cop (played by Sidhu) against the stubborn system of the society. Although the film received good enough respect from Deep Sidhu’s fans and critics, the film couldn’t do well at the box-office. 

However, in Jora 2 with the female cast being as strong as the male cast, and with the entry of popular singer Singga in the movie, the film’s chances of being commercially successful are high this time. 

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