Jinde Meriye Review: Sonam Bajwa, Parmish Verma’s Punjabi Movie in 2020 is Better

by Monita Sharma

Jinde Meriye, directed by and produced by Pankaj Batra, starring Sonam Bajwa and Parmish Verma released on 24th Jan. Whether the magic of Sonam and Parmish’s chemistry works this time or not, let’s find out! 


Synopsis and Plot Summary of Jinde Meriye

Yaadi (Parmish Verma) is a jovial guy and Rehmat (Sonam Bajwa) is a sensible girl. Both are childhood friends who turned fall in love and want to get married, but Rehmat`s family is against the decision as Yaadi carries a careless attitude towards his future. To get Rehmat, Yaadi must stand on his own and have a prosperous career. However, Yaadi chooses an illegal way to be successful, which infuriates Rehmat, making her leave Yaadi forever. Will Yaadi be able to win Rehmat back?


Jinde Meriye can best be described as a pretty average movie that tries to do many things at the same time. This is of course one romantic film wherein the female lead completely overshadows the male lead. 

In front of the seasoned and very talented actress Sonam Bajwa, Parmish Verma seems to be clearly struggling, which is primarily the reason that despite a decent story and direction, the film comes out pretty flat on the big screen. 

One of the best things that works in Jinde Meriye’s favour is its music. Almost all the songs are good and align perfectly with the theme of the movie. 

However, one really wonders what has gone wrong with Pankaj Batra’s direction now. The one who gave us iconic films like Bambukat and Sajjan Singh Rangroot, seems to be not really in the form ever since he took up production. 

Be it High End Yaarian or Jinde Meriye, none of his films have impressed in the recent past. 

Although Parmish has clearly improved from his Singham blunder, but the singer has a long way to go to still to becoming a complete actor. 

Our rating: 2.5/5

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