Is Baba Sehgal Right In Asking Bollywood To Stop Destroying Old Punjabi Classics?

by Monita Sharma

[h4]Baba Sehgal, the famous pop star of the 90s, has recently lambasted Bollywood for picking old Punjabi classics in the name of remixing them but actually, end up ‘destroying’ them totally. [/h4]

Baba Sehgal Asks Bollywood To Stop Remixing & Destroying Old Classic Songs

“It’s time Bollywood stop recreating/remixing old classic film soundtracks. There’s no harm in recreating a song but the quality, instrumentation and the output in doing so is sad and pathetic. Is it because there is no creativity left or is it because they want to encash on super popularity of the old songs?” tweeted Baba. 

“Please tap the right talent, as we have it in abundance here, and stop destroying and ruining the original. It’s become more of copywood than Bollywood,” he added.

Check out his tweet below:

Recently hit Punjabi songs like ‘Glassy’, ‘Wakhra Swag’, have been re-created for Bollywood films.

Baba rose to fame in early 90s with songs like Thanda Thanda Paani, Peecha karo, Dil Dhadke, Hakuna Matata and many more. 

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