In Chandigarh Amritsar Chandigarh, Gippy and Sargun Ooze Chemistry In Every Frame

by Monita Sharma

Ever since the promotions of Chandigarh Amritsar Chandigarh started, Gippy Grewal and Sargun Mehta became one of the most loved and admired on-screen couples of the Punjabi cinema world. Now after garnering appreciation for their amazing film (Read Why Are We Saying Wow After Watch ‘Chandigarh Amritsar Chandigarh’), their chemistry is something that’s become the hottest buzz in town!

Although Chandigarh Amritsar Chandigarh is unique in every way, with a story based on just “one” day spent by two strangers together wearing the same outfits the entire day, it is the fun and natural chemistry that Gippy and Sargun share with each other which is the highlight of the film. 

Their easy camaraderie in the film as well as impeccable comic timing makes the audience laugh and glued to the film.

Apart from their chemistry, Gippy Grewal’s command on Amritsari language and music of the film just adds a cherry on the cake. And both Gippy and Sargun are perfectly suited for their roles of #ambarsariya and @chandigarhwali.

Talking about the credits of the film, it is being directed by Karan R Guliani, and is being produced by Sumit Dutt, Eara Dutt and Anupama Katkar.

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