Here’s Why We Think Ardab Mutiyaran Has Set A New Benchmark In Punjabi Cinema

by Monita Sharma

Though this Friday’s Punjabi movie release, Ardab Mutiyaran has sent the cash registers ringing at the box office and has emerged as the highest ever female-led Punjabi opener, here are some more ways why we think that Ardab Mutiyaran has set a new benchmark in the Punjabi film industry!

  1. A paradigm shift from ‘Jatt’ to ‘Jatti’: It is an evident characteristic about the Punjabi film industry that the movies are found to be male-centric wherein a young and handsome Punjabi jatt is seen to be the center of attraction. However, Ardab Mutiyaran has turned the tables wherein Babbu Bains, a finance recovery agent being played by Sonam Bajwa is seen to be stealing the show. Bajwa is seen in a first-of-its-kind avatar that fights for her rights and raises her voice for justice. Not only her but Mehreen Kaur Pirzada has also aced the boss lady attitude in the movie which adds more thrill to Ardab Mutiyaran.
  2. A storyline that strikes the perfect balance between comedy, drama and realism: A beautifully written storyline by Dheeraj Rattan, Ardab Mutiyaran has the perfect blend of comedy, drama and realism. It has its fair share of romance and funny dialogues which keeps the viewer glued till the end.
  3. A promising debut by Ajay Sarkaria: A new entrant in the Punjabi film industry, Ajay Sarkaria has put to good use his proficient training from his acting school in New York. Sharing the screen with Sonam Bajwa, Sarkaria is seen playing the role of a ‘Halwai’ as Bains fondly likes to call him, who is suppressed beneath dominance.
  4. Ninja as the perfect best friend: The singer-turned-actor Ninja has redefined friendship in Ardab Mutiyaran with his timeless charm and unconditional love for Bains. He has beautifully played the role of that ‘guy’ best friend who ever girl desires to have in her life; breaking the age old myth of ‘a boy and girl can never be just friends!’.
  5. The new age plot: Ardab Mutiyaran is not just a forward thinking women centric movie but a present age movie which takes into consideration realistic instances which all of us tend to face at a certain point of time. From the stereotypical beliefs to the modern day issues, Ardab Mutiyaran captures it all.

Produced under the banner of White Hill Studios by Gunbir Singh Sidhu and Manmord Sidhu, Ardab Mutiyaran is directed by Manav Shah.

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