Godday Godday Chaa : Teaser of ‘Nazaare’ Song Featuring Tania Is Out, Full Song releasing Tomorrow

by Monita Sharma

Excitement levels are soaring among Punjabi music lovers as the highly anticipated song “Nazaare” from the upcoming film “Godday Godday Chaa” is set to release tomorrow. The song’s teaser, unveiled today, has already created a buzz with its captivating visuals and foot-tapping beats.

“Nazaare,” sung by the talented Simran Bharadwaj, promises to be a vibrant and energetic number that will leave the audience hooked. The teaser offers a glimpse into the song’s storyline, showcasing a colorful Baraat procession with men celebrating joyously. However, what caught everyone’s attention is Tania’s character, who is seen stealthily hiding behind a window, showcasing her exceptional Bhangra skills.

The unique portrayal in the song sets the stage for “Godday Godday Chaa,” a film that challenges traditional gender roles and focuses on the rebellion against patriarchal norms prevalent in Punjabi society during the olden days. Taking the lead are the talented female actresses, Sonam Bajwa and Tania, who are determined to break the stereotypes and bring a fresh perspective to the silver screen.

Directed by Vijay Kumar Arora and produced by Zee Studios in association with V.H Entertainment, “Godday Godday Chaa” promises to be an uproarious comedy where the female protagonists take center stage. Alongside the dynamic duo, veteran actress Nirmal Rishi shines in a pivotal role, adding depth and charm to the storyline.

The film’s previously released songs, “Sakhiyae Saheliye” and “Allarhan De,” have already taken the Punjabi music scene by storm, amassing a massive following. People from all around the world have been captivated by the infectious beats and Sonam Bajwa’s breathtaking Bhangra moves, inspiring numerous reels and dance covers.

As the release date of “Godday Godday Chaa” approaches on May 26, the anticipation for “Nazaare” grows even stronger. Fans eagerly await the song’s full release tomorrow, hoping to witness yet another superb track that will leave them spellbound.

With its powerful message, remarkable performances, and foot-tapping music, “Godday Godday Chaa” is set to entertain and inspire audiences worldwide, challenging age-old norms and paving the way for a more inclusive and progressive future.

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