Get Ready to ROFL with ‘Annhi Dea Mazaak Ae’: Ammy Virk’s New Punjabi Comedy In Theatres Right Now!

by Monita Sharma

Get ready to laugh until your sides hurt with the amazing new Punjabi comedy film, “Annhi Dea Mazaak Ae,” which hit the screens yesterday and has quickly become the talk of the town among audiences worldwide.

The film is an out-and-out comedy, featuring the charming Ammy Virk and the stunning Pari Pandher in the lead roles, alongside internationally renowned comedians Nasir Chinyoti and Iftikhar Thakur.

Jointly produced by Panj Paani Films and Rhythm Boyz Entertainment, this hilarious new movie is written and directed by the talented Rakesh Dhawan.

“Annhi Dea Mazaak Ae” is a hilarious tale of two young lovers who are thrown into a world of chaos and confusion by a series of hysterical misunderstandings and wild mishaps.

Since its release, “Annhi Dea Mazaak Ae” has been drawing rave reviews from critics and audiences alike, with viewers praising its clever writing, hilarious performances, and brilliant comic timing. Fans have been packing theaters to catch the film. Have you watched it as yet?

Check out the trailer of ANNHI DEA MAZAAK AE here

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