Festive Food Trends Celebrated by High Life Cuisine and Meatington at “Chandigarh’s Premier Shopping Festival”

by Monita Sharma

Chef and Entrepreneur Sachin Sahgal and Founding Partners Neeta Malik and Ashutosh Malik shared diverse flavours for festive food

All of us are soaked in the festive spirit and this is the time when we relish delicious and spicy treat of snacks, but at the same time all of us have become very conscious about our food choices and want our food to be hygienic and fresh while being tasty. Keeping in mind the likings and preferences of the people, the lavish variety of delicious and hygienic food was presented by ‘Meatington’ and ‘Grab A Green’ through the festive food festival that took place in Parade Ground of Sector 17, Chandigarh.

During The Premier Shopping Festival, CII CHANDIGARH FAIR, Meatington’s Founders Chef and Entrepreneur Sachin Sahgal, Neeta Malik, Rachna Malik and Ashutosh Malik presented unique, new and high tech trends in festive food through the frozen and ready to cook snacks that are healthy and can be prepared within minutes. This was the first time that the vast variety of snacks in Indian, Continental and Mughlai delectables were presented.

During the “Premier Shopping Festival” that took place in Chandigarh Sector 17 these options were presented in Ready to eat, Ready to heat, Ready to grill category. Food tasting was done for women and youth of Chandigarh through this Food Fest, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The packaging of these snacks is done with technological innovation which keeps them fresh and healthy.

While Showcasing the vast variety of snacks, tips were also shared on keeping the snacks fresh for a longer period during festivals, identifying organic food and eating right during parties and celebrations, along with pairing festive snacks with drinks and juices.

There was a special session organised “Food Meets Technology and Innovation” during which Ashutosh Malik informed how with technological innovation the entire range is kept fresh and hygienic and with the presentation of these snacks Meatington has become a pioneer in the field.

What makes this entire range more unique is the latest technology through which snacks remain fresh for a long time, without the use of preservatives, artificial essences, artificial colors, the taste is enhanced with pure spices and ancient ingredients in the right proportion.

He also said during the covid pandemic all of us have become extremely careful and hygienic towards our food. And we have kept in mind all the parameters of Food standards, safety and hygiene while creating our range of Meatington snacks.

In this range, where Punjabi food lovers can enjoy the flavors of Punjab, Mughlai food lovers will be able to enjoy the vast variety of kebabs and curries. And this entire range is available through Meatington and Grab a Green Variety in Non Veg and Veg. During the showcasing in this exhibition, the talk of making Meatingtons products available all over India was also put forward and now everyone will be able to get these snacks easily in Chandigarh city too.

Organized by Meatington and High Life Cuisine, a wide variety of Chicken, POPCORN, Chicken Nuggets, Crunchy Chicken Patty, Crunchy Mutton Patty, Fish Fingers were presented in this food festival, especially Punjabi flavors like Fish Amritsari, Fish Patty, Crumb Fried Fish , Chicken Tikka Also in the range of Heat and Eat Peri Peri Chicken wings, Chicken Malai Tikka, Chicken Stuffed Tangri, Chicken Malai Seek, Chicken Achari Seekh, Mushroom Chicken Seekh Kebab, Dahi Ke Kebab, Mozarella Bombs, Brocolli Corn Kebab, Cottage Cheese Patty, Akhrot Kebab, Risotto Balls, FAlafal etc. were offered.

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