Burning Issue: Is Gurdas Maan right in using BAD words to his detractors?

by Monita Sharma

All of us have our favorite celebrities, some of whom we even idolize or at least consider our role models in some ways. These are the celebrities we look up to with lots of respect and admiration. In Punjab, if there’s one celebrity who almost everyone is not just a fan of, but literally “worships” is none other than ‘Gurdas Maan’ often called as “Baba Gurdas Maan’ or ‘Maan Sahib’ with respect.


Perhaps the kind of work that Maan Sahib has done for Punjabi entertainment industry, there isn’t anyone who has till date matched him. Even though he belongs to the music industry, never has his work received negative feedback when it comes to either his songs’ lyrics or even indirect connotations.

Using chaste Punjabi words, the lyrics of his songs expressed through his mellifluous voice have received so much praise the world over, that Gurdas Maan is often requested to share his opinions on the beautiful language of Punjabi and Punjabiyat by even international media.

However, one of his statements recently, has given birth to a big controversy that doesn’t seem to cool down in the near future.

On being asked, about his take on ‘one nation, one language’ theory, Gurdas Maan was quoted as saying that there was no harm in having Hindi as one common language in the entire country. He said: “When we listen to Hindi music, watch films and read Hindi literature, then there is nothing wrong in accepting Hindi.” He called Punjabi the mother and Hindi the maasi.

However, his statement didn’t go down well with a couple of Sikhs who held placards during his live show at Abbotsford BC Canada.

But the biggest shock came, when Maan responded with some expletives in front of the live audience.

In no time, his words led to a social media storm and people are showing varied opinions on his act.

While K.S. Makhan has openly supported Gurdas Maan (through his Facebook Live video), Gurpreet Ghuggi said in a BBC interview, that Maan should’ve considered his stature before uttering such words. “Maan Saheb is known for his selection of words and strong command over Punjabi language. Such words coming from his mouth are naturally not easy to digest by general public and their anger is justified.”

However, let’s face it – celebrities are human beings just like the rest of us. They have their good moments and their bad moments too. Sometimes, they also may have moments of deep frustration at other people’s inability to understand what they actually are trying to say.

Perhaps, what happened at Abbotsford’s live show was one such moment where Maan couldn’t control letting off the steam to the extreme and ended up swearing!

But of course, considering his stature and the love that he receives from Punjabis the world over, it’s certainly not cool at all for him to use such words.

We think he must issue a statement soon apologizing for using wrong words publicly. Of course, he is well within his rights to express his thoughts on ‘One nation, one theory’ in any which way he likes. 

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