Beauty Expert Richa Agarwal and Mrs. Chandigarh Mitali Honour Creativity in Chandigarh

by Monita Sharma


The ceremony was organized in collaboration with International City and Guilds UK which brought to light the creativity of immensely talented students of Cleopatra and the occasion also coincided with the launch of their vocational institute in Chandigarh.

The day was dedicated to honor, recognize and value skill and talent. Organized by Cleopatra Beauty Academy the occasion provided youth with an opportunity to showcase the artistry of makeovers and hair craft while students were given certification.

MRS CHANDIGARH 2018 & Mrs. Beautiful skin Mitali Johar added starry charm to the occasion by paying a surprising visit. In the wake of the pandemic, the students of Cleopatra Beauty Academy were being trained virtually for the past few months, and by registering their presence and being part of the meet and greet they were joyful.

Richa Aggarwal, beauty & makeover expert along with beauty expert Harveen Kathuria hosted this enchanting ceremony which aimed to encourage young beauty aspirants to make it big into the world of beauty. The communicative evening took place at the Cleopatra Spa n Salon, sec 9. On this occasion, the students put to craft beautiful trends while weaving their creativity and innovation.

Various fusion looks were presented on the concept of “East Meets West”, that blended technology of the west with the creativity of India. While presenting the international techniques of make-up, nail art, and hairstyling in harmony with Indian artistry.

Richa Aggarwal also held a live session with students to exchanged knowledge about identifying organic beauty products and most importantly maintaining the hygiene of the beauty products.

Mithali Johar encouraged the young beauty professionals by encouraging them, ‘I am very impressed to see the creativity shown by these students, even during the Pandemic time they kept practicing their craft and their dedication is evident from their work.

Academy has been playing a significant role in nurturing and grooming young minds. Under the guidance of Cleopatra, these aspiring youth are getting a chance to touch new heights and I am very happy to honor them. On this occasion, Richa Aggarwal said, “Our aim is to Skill students in important streams of beauty and help them in shaping their careers.”

Richa also reiterated that students were given knowledge about organic beauty products with advice to follow important principles in beauty such as Cruelty-Free Beauty, Organic Beauty, and Eco-friendly beauty Concepts.

The ambiance was filled with excitement and jubilation as the beauty queen went a step further by awarding these skilled curators with certification that acknowledged and acclaimed their skills. Creativity, innovation, and newness embellished makeovers and hair designs presented by students of Cleopatra makeovers academy. The show of creativity progressed with felicitation and certification after students presented their skills by implementing their ideas along with technical know-how on vivid themes and concepts that were given to them. Students also participated in the live discussion that was based on absorbing beauty trends that promote organic and greenways of achieving beauty. Vivid looks displayed by the students manifested a spectrum of tradition and modern ferocity.

Mitali Johar quoted ‘ The creativity that was shown by students was young in approach and Cleopatra training academy has played a pivotal role in bringing the best out of these young minds. With vision and under the guidance of seasoned makeover expert Richa Aggarwal these aspiring beauty professionals are going to set new heights and I am immensely happy to be honoring them with felicitation.

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