As Yaara Ve’s Poster Gets Released, The Makers Send A Message Of Peace To The Audience

by Monita Sharma

With the escalating tensions between India and Pakistan over the prevailing issue of terrorism, there comes a poster of a Punjabi film that talks about the time when India and Pakistan were just one nation and the people from both sides of the border lived in harmony together. 

The film is none other than YAARA VE directed by Rakesh Mehta, the man who’s noted for having contributed quality cinema to the Punjabi audience with films like Wapsi (2016) and more recently, Rang Panjab (2018). 

According to Rakesh Mehta, Yaara Ve is his attempt to bring forth the real stories of people from the pre-Independence era – the stories that he heard from his grand parents. These are the tales of friendships, love and bonding when Punjab was just one and how the partition of India affected their relationships with each other. With the film YAARA VE, specifically, Rakesh Mehta tells the tale of three friends played by Yuvraj Hans, Gagan Kokri and Raghveer Boli whose friendship gets affected due to partition.   

Yaara Ve also stars Monica Gill as the lead heroine of the movie. The film is produced by Bally Kakar and is set to release on 5th April. 

[h4]Have a look at YAARA VE’s official poster here:[/h4]

yaara ve poster

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