AFSAR Trailer Review: When A Kanungo Is Pitted Against A Patwari!

by Monita Sharma

From the makers of Bambukat, Vekh Baraatan Challiyan and Rabb Da Radio (Nadar Films and Vehli Janta Films) nothing short of best is expected. These makers along with Rhythm Boyz Entertainment have rolled out some of the best films in the recent times, and it is the uniqueness in their concept that’s usually considered to be their hallmark.

While AFSAR was in news for a long time (thanks to the splendid on-screen pairing – Tarsem Jassar and Nimrat Khaira), now that it’s trailer is finally released, our curiosity levels are up again!

Telling a tale of the importance that ‘Patwaris’ (the lowest state functionary in the Revenue Collection system) in Punjab enjoy, AFSAR highlights the ‘larger-than-life’ influence that these Patwaris have in the villages often resulting in them demanding bribes and changing land records at will. Due to low levels of literacy, innocent villagers often think that they are even higher in ranks than Kanungos! Kanungos are ACTUALLY Officers whose job is to “supervise” the conduct and the work of patwaris in their charge, and it is their duty to report the bad work or misconduct on the part of patwari. 

Coming back to the trailer of AFSAR, it is well cut-out and establishes the basic theme of the film really well without revealing the entire story. Tarsem Jassar’s good looks are sure to wow the audience, and his sensible expressions are a delight to watch. Nimrat Khaira’s innocence is surely appealing. She looks elegant in the ethnic Punjabi outfits. 

Karamjit Anmol is another eye-catcher along with Rana Jung Bahadar who appears to be playing an extremely comical role in the film. The way the serious issue such as this is seemingly handled with light-heartedness, is something that makes the entire trailer interesting as well as entertaining. 

Well, as said earlier, the curiosity levels have surely risen up after watching the trailer and we hope the movie shall successfully quench our desire to watch an entertaining yet story-driven film. 

The film is written by Jass Grewal and directed by Gulshan Singh. AFSAR releases on 5th October! 

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