Rab Di Mehhar: Ajay Sarkaria and Kashish Rai to lead In A New Punjabi Romantic Movie, releasing on August 4

by IAP Network

Excitement fills the air as Digiana Films Productions, in association with K Rai Productions, has announced their latest Punjabi Romantic movie, “Rab Di Mehhar.”

Directed by Abhay Chhabra and written by Kashish Rai, Rab Di Mehhar is set to enthrall audiences when it releases on the 4th of August.

The film boasts a talented ensemble cast that includes Ajay Sarkaria, Kashish Rai, and Dheeraj Kumar in the lead roles. With their impeccable acting skills and on-screen chemistry, this trio is expected to bring the captivating love story to life, leaving audiences spellbound.

“Rab Di Mehhar” delves into the depths of love, exploring a narrative that goes beyond the earthly boundaries. The film’s tagline, “A love story that will make you fall in love,” hints at the emotional journey that awaits viewers.

As the poster for “Rab Di Mehhar” was released today, it captured the essence of the film’s enchanting storyline. The artwork sets the stage for a cinematic experience that promises emotional depth, and a captivating narrative that will immerse viewers in the world of the film.

With a release date strategically chosen during India’s romantic monsoon season, “Rab Di Mehhar” aims to evoke a range of emotions in the audience, providing the perfect setting for a heartfelt love story to unfold on the silver screen.

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