Five Reasons Why Shareek 2 Is a Must-Watch for this Weekend

This Friday's release, Shareek 2 has all that it requires to be a complete family entertainer!

by Monita Sharma

Punjabi audiences across the globe are seen to be counting days for the release of the upcoming Punjabi feature film, Shareek 2. So, we list down five key reasons that justify the buzz and make it a must-watch for this weekend.

  1. Carrying forward the legacy of Shareek: The first part of this movie, Shareek had created history in 2015 for its scintillating storyline. It had received an array of awards and accolades from the Punjabi entertainment industry. Carrying forward the legacy of Shareek, Shareek 2 also promises to be a noteworthy feature film that is anticipated to be appreciated by the audiences.
  2. A star-studded entertainer: Shareek 2 is full of some of the best Punjabi actors including Jimmy Sheirgill, Dev Kharoud, Sharan Kaur, Yograj Singh, Mukul Dev, and Sunita Dhir to name a few. All of them will be seen playing a distinguished role in the movie’s well-articulated storyline that is penned by Inderpal Singh.

  1. The perfect blend of drama, action, and thriller: Made with the perfect blend of drama, action, and thriller, Shareek 2 is a Punjabi feature film that underlines the story of Sardar Bhupinder Singh Randhawa who happens to marry twice due to certain unanticipated circumstances and that is when two boys are born, namely Jaswant Singh Randhawa (Jimmy Sheirgill) and Gurbaaz Singh Randhawa (Dev Kharoud). A feud between these two estranged stepbrothers goes way beyond the ownership of land and eventually leads into a war for love, honour, pride and claiming a sense of identity.
  2. Musical melodies that are sure to keep you hooked: Shareek 2 features different genres of musical melodies that are sure to keep you hooked till the end. From romantic ballads to foot tapping music, this movie has it all!


  1. From the house of pioneers: Directed by Navaniat Singh and produced under the banner of Ohri Productions, White Hill Studios and Thind Motion Films, Shareek 2 is made with the proficient expertise of some of the brightest minds of the Punjabi film industry.

Check out the trailer of Shareek 2 here and mark your calendars for 8th July!



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