Breaking News: Now Yograj Singh’s Son Will Also Be Seen Playing A Significant Role With Him In His Next

by Monita Sharma

[h3] Veteran Punjabi actor Yograj Singh, who’s had a stellar career both in Punjabi movies as well as in the world of cricket is a proud father now. While on one side, his elder brother Yuvraj Singh has made a flourishing career in International cricket, his younger one is now all set to join the world of movies. [/h3]  

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In an exclusive interview with, Yograj Singh shared that he’s proud of the fac that his son Victor Yograj Singh will be walking in his footsteps as an actor. Victor Yograj Singh, he says, is an introvert and extremely creative kind of a person who can do really well in artistic fields. He also remarked that he’s glad that Victor is making his debut in Aditya Sood’s film – Teri Meri Jodi. Aditya Sood is considered to be a very professional and technically sound director, who say the actors is an instituion in himself. 

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(Yograj Singh On Set of ‘Teri Meri Jodi’)

When we asked Victor about his role in his debut film, he said, “It’s a surprise!” 

[h4] Teri Meri Jodi is a film directed by Aditya Sood and besides the father-son duo, it shall star actors like Rana Jung Bahadar, famous Youtubers – Sammy Gill and King B Chauhan, Monica Sharma and Jazz – a British actress. [/h4]

The film is likely to get released during second half of 2019. 

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