5 Reasons Why Lekh Is The Most-Awaited Film This Summer

by Monita Sharma

Upcoming Punjabi movie, Lekh is seen to be creating a lot of buzz over the social media ever since its trailer was released earlier last week. So, we list out the top five reasons why we anticipate that Lekh is going to be a must-watch on 1st April!

  1. A Heart-warming Tale of Innocence and Love: Gurnam Bhullar and Tania starrer Lekh promises to entail a heart-warming tale of innocence and love right from the school days. From innocent events of falling in love with each other while sharing a classroom to fun bus rides, Lekh has various narratives that talk about the pious relationship between the duo. Thereby making it an ideal family watch!
  2. From the Top-notch Makers of Pollywood: Produced by White Hill Studios – the top-notch makers of Pollywood, Lekh is penned by Jagdeep Sidhu, the writer of avant-garde movies like Qismat, Shadaa, Sufna, and Guddiyan Patole. Their rich legacy stands testament to the highly entertaining movies that they have delivered in the past, which makes Lekh a promising one!
  3. Music That Is Sure to Strike a Chord: The scintillating music tracks of Lekh are another key reason why the movie is going to be a high entertainer. The lyrics of the songs in Lekh are written and composed by Jaani and the music is given by the heartthrob B Praak.Check out the track Udd Gaya from the movie here:http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vg3tvzD5ymY&t=0s
  4. A Unique Theme: If you take a look at the trailer of Lekh, you will realize that it has a very unique theme starting from the good old school days to the present-day youth days where the duo fights for their love. It is going to be really interesting to see how the love story unfolds and what destiny has in store for these love birds.
  5. A Blessing in Disguise For Cinephiles: The makers of Lekh have a surprise in store for all the Pollywood cinephiles as the movie makes reference to iconic Punjabi movies like Mel Karade Rabba. Lekh is sure take you on a trip down the memory lane as you refresh your reminiscence of those memorable scenes and dialogues from Mel Karade Rabba.

Produced by Gunbir Singh Sidhu and Manmord Singh Sidhu and directed by Manvir Brar, Lekh is all set to release on 1st April. Mark your calendars to watch this movie in your nearest theaters!

Check out the trailer of Lekh here:


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